Такође погледајте: σ, ς, , , Ʃ, σ., и σ'

Σ U+03A3, Σ
[unassigned: U+03A2]
Грчки и Коптски Τ

Translingual уреди

Symbol уреди


  1. (mathematics) Σ. Sum over a set of like terms:
  2. (topology) suspension or reduced suspension
  3. (mathematics) A class (in the arithmetical hierarchy) of formulae whose outermost unbounded quantifiers are existential quantifiers

====Usage notes


(mathematics): Though there exists a distinct symbol () for the purpose of the mathematical summation, the upper case sigma here is often used for convenience.

Coordinate terms уреди

  • (classification of formulae): Π, Δ

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Грчки уреди

Слово уреди

Σ (S) (uppercase, lowercase σ)

  1. The upper case letter sigma (σίγμα), the 18th letter of the modern Greek alphabet.

Numeral уреди

Σ (S)

  1. The number 200 in Greek numerals.

  1. The number 200,000 in Greek numerals.

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see: Appendix:Greek alphabet