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Нема описа измене
|image=Insect anatomy diagram.svg
{{PIE root|en|sek}}
From {{etyl|frm|en}} {{m|frm|insecte}}, from {{etyl|la|en}} {{m|la|insectum||with a notched or divided body, cut up}}, from perfect passive participle of {{m|la|insecō||I cut up}}, from {{m|la|in-|}} + {{m|la|secō||I cut}}, from the notion that the insect's body is "cut into" three sections. Calque of Ancient Greek {{m|grc|ἔντομον||insect}}, from {{m|grc|ἔντομος||cut into pieces}}.
* {{IPA|/ˈɪnsɛkt/|lang=en}}
* {{audio|en-us-insect.ogg|Audio (US)|lang=en}}
* {{rhymes|ɛkt|lang=en}}
#: {{ux|en|The manager’s assistant was the worst sort of '''insect'''.}}
* {{l|en|bug}} (''Colloquial'' 1,2)
====RelatedПовезани termsтермини====
* {{l|en|insecticidal}}
* {{l|en|insecticide}}
{{trans-top|arthropod of class ''insecta''}}
* Afrikaans: {{t+|af|insek}}
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* {{l|en|arachnid}}
* {{l|en|arthropod}}
* {{l|en|worm}}
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* {{anagrams|en|a=ceinst|ceints|incest|nicest|scient}}
===Алтернативни облици===
===Alternative forms===
* {{qualifier|before 1996}} {{l|nl|insekt}}
Originally having a wider meaning (sense 2), as in Aristotle. From {{der|nl|la|īnsectum||bug; cut up}}, from {{m|la|īnsecō||I cut up into}}. The Latin is a calque of {{der|nl|grc|ἔντομον|t=bug}}, from {{m|grc|ἔντομος}}.
* {{IPA|/ɪnˈsɛkt/|lang=nl}}
* {{audio|Nl-insect.ogg|Audio|lang=nl}}
* {{rhyme|lang=nl|ɛkt}}