insect — разлика између измена

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Нема описа измене
|image=Insect anatomy diagram.svg
From {{bor|en|frm|insecte}}, from {{der|en|la|īnsectum||with a notched or divided body, cut up}}, from perfect passive participle of {{m|la|īnsecō||I cut into, I cut up}}, from {{m|la|in-}} + {{m|la|secō||I cut}}, from the notion that the insect's body is "cut into" three sections. Calque of {{noncog|grc|ἔντομον||insect}}, from {{m|grc|ἔντομος||cut into pieces}}.
* {{anagrams|en|a=ceinst|ceints|incest|nicest|scient}}