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Hebrew letter dalet freefonts.svg
ד U+05D3, ד
Хебрејски ה
U+FB22, ﬢ

Alphabetic Presentation Forms

Aleppo Codex Joshua 1 1.jpg Хебрејски


ד (d)

  1. Dalet, daleth: the fourth letter of the Hebrew alphabet, after ג‎ and before ה‎.
  2. The numeral 4 in Hebrew numbering.
  3. Initialism of דָּרוֹם‎(daróm, south)., equivalent to S.

Usage notes

  • The letter ד represents the phoneme /d/. In Modern Israeli Hebrew, this phoneme is pronounced [d] (like the <d> in English dog).
  • In the Masoretic Text, the letter ד takes a dagesh (דּ) not only when geminated, but also at the start of a word or after a consonant. In Yemenite Hebrew, it is pronounced [d] in those contexts, and [ð] (like the <th> in English this) in other contexts; it is commonly believed that the same was true in Classical Hebrew.
  • In Modern Israeli Hebrew, the sound /ð/ (like the <th> in English that), which occurs in various foreign phrases and proper nouns, is commonly written ד׳(dh).
  • The letter ד does not have many "grammatical" uses — it mostly occurs only in the "main" part of a word — but one exception is in hitpa'el verbs (and derived nouns) where the first letter of the root is ז(z); for example, one says הִזְדַּקֵּן(hizdakén, to grow old) rather than *הִתְזַקֵּן (hitzaken).

Coordinate terms

Derived terms

ד (хебрејски)




 Псалам 119

  1. Шаблон:heb
    1. dā-ḇə-qāh le-‘ā-p̄ār nap̄-šî; ḥay-yê-nî, kiḏ-ḇā-re-ḵā.
      1. 25. Душа моја лежи у праху; оживи ме по речи својој.
        1. Псал. 119:11, Псал. 119:143
          1. 24 26

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