Такође погледајте: georgia, georgià, Georgía, Geórgia, и Geòrgia



Etymology 1Уреди

Location of Georgia

Unclear etymology. Early medieval sources explain Georgia's name by the popularity of Saint George, Georgia's Patron Saint, among Georgians. Later European accounts trace the origin to Латински Georgius, itself derived from Антички Грчки Γεώργιος (Geṓrgios, farmer). Supporters of this explanation relied on classical authors Pliny and Pomponius Mela, who mentioned agricultural tribes called "Georgi", (Pliny, IV.26, VI.14; Mela, De Sita Orb. i.2, &50;) so named to distinguish them from their unsettled and pastoral neighbors.

Some 20th-century scholars have speculated that Georgia could have the same origin as Руски грузи́н (gruzín). This origin is گرج(Gorj)

, from Middle Persian 𐭥𐭫𐭥𐭰𐭠𐭭‎ pl (Wiruz-ān, Iberians, Georgians). Compare Parthian 𐭅𐭉𐭓𐭔𐭍‎ pl (Wiruž-ān), Middle Persian [Manichaean needed] pl (wrwcʾn), Стари Јерменски վիր-ք (vir-kʿ).

According to others it should be related to Персијски گرگ(gorg, wolf), the country being a “wolfland” since mountainous forests of the north would seem like a forbidding place to ancient Persians.

Proper nounУреди


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