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English уреди

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Alternative forms уреди

Etymology уреди

Unclear. Possibly from the Irish og-úaim 'point-seam', referring to the seam made by the point of a sharp weapon.

Pronunciation уреди

Proper noun уреди


  1. An ancient Celtic alphabet historically used to write Primitive Irish.

Usage notes уреди

The pronunciation /ˈoʊ.əm/ more closely matches the modern Irish pronunciation of the word ([ˈoːmˠ], [ˈoːəmˠ]), but the pronunciation /ˈɒɡəm/, based on the spelling and the Old Irish pronunciation, is also common in English.

Derived terms уреди

Noun уреди

Ogham (plural Oghams)

  1. A single character in this alphabet.

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