multiply +‎ -er.



multiplier (plural multipliers)

  1. (arithmetic) A number by which another (the multiplicand) is to be multiplied.
    In the expression 5 × 7, the "5" is a multiplier.
    The score multiplier increases each time you complete a level of the video game.
  2. (grammar) An adjective indicating the number of times something is to be multiplied.
    English multipliers include "double" and "triple".
  3. (economics) A ratio used to estimate total economic effect for a variety of economic activities.
  4. (physics) Any of several devices used to enhance a signal
    1. (physics, obsolete) a coil; when Johann Schweigger in 1820 invented the electric coil, increasing the electro-magnetic field from a single wire, this invention was called a multiplier.
  5. A multiplier onion.
    • 1995, Marian Coonse, Onions, Leeks and Garlic: A Handbook for Gardeners (page 52)
      Shallots are the most prolific of all the multipliers, and easier to grow than onions.

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