Енглески бројеви (унос)
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    Кардинал: twelve
    Редни: twelfth
    Multiplier: twelvefold

Alternative formsУреди

  • Arabic numerals: 12
  • Roman numerals: XII
  • twelue (obsolete)


From Средњи Енглески twelve, from Стари Енглески twelf (twelve), from Пра-Германски *twalif, an old compound of *twa- (two)

and *-lif (left over)

(i.e., two left over after having already counted to ten), from Пра-Индо-Европски *leykʷ- (leave, remain). Cognate with Saterland Frisian tweelf, tweelif

, tweelich (twelve)

, Западни Фризијски tolve (twelve), Холандски twaalf (twelve), German Low German twalf, twalv (twelve)

, Немачки zwölf (twelve), Дански, Шведски and Норвешки tolv (twelve), Исландски tólf (twelve).


  • (UK, US) МФА(кључ): /twɛlv/, [tʰw̥ɛlv]
  • (file)
  • Риме: -ɛlv



  1. The cardinal number occurring after eleven and before thirteen, represented in Arabic numerals as 12 and in Roman numerals as XII.
    There are twelve months in a year.
  2. (slang) Law enforcement; the police

Derived termsУреди